Commodity Woman

The following work is a photographic analysis of gender norms. Together with the artist Irena Pejčić (instagram: schirena_) we created a visual narrative about breaking out of gender roles. Also, femininity is often normalized and devalued and the view of women is still rather male-heterosexual. I try to counteract this with my pictures.

The ubiquitous stigma of women in the world is their status as a consumer good. Late capitalism has branded women’s bodies. It marginalizes and monetizes femininity. The woman became a commodity. Ideals and constraints that apply to female bodies are already so internalized that we do not even notice that they come from the outside. With my pictures I try to make the possibility of an alternative image of women experienceable.

Nackte Frau unter PlastikhülleNackte Frau unter Plastikhülle mit traurigem BlickNackte Frau mit geschlossenen Augen unter PlastikfolieNackte Frau unter PlastikfolieNacke Frau zwischen zwei SchaufensterpuppenNackte Frau küsst SchaufensterpuppeNackte Frau mit Schaufensterpuppen im GrasNackte Frau mit Köpfen von SchaufensterpuppenNackte Frau hält PlastikhändeNackte Frau kniet im Gras